Gryphon Router – Best Mesh Wi-Fi for Parental Controls

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Wi-Fi 6 and parental controls

The Gryphon Parental Control Router is a an internet router with mesh Wi-Fi that also offers parents complete control over any device connected to the network.  The router works by allowing parents to set up restrictions on internet usage, such as limiting the amount of time that their child can spend online or blocking certain websites. The router also features a built-in firewall and web filtering system, which can be used to protect children from accidentally accessing harmful or inappropriate content. In addition, the router includes a mobile app that allows parents to remotely monitor their child’s internet activity and make changes to the restrictions if necessary.

The Gryphon Tower is the base router measuring 10”x4”x4”and the Gryphon mesh repeater is called Guardian measuring 2”x4”x4”. The Guardian is sold separately. You can add multiple Guardian devices to your network. My family has been using the Gryphon router and Gryphon mesh repeater for several years without issue. Even though our children are no longer young we are still using Gryphon at home because of it’s fantastic network security features, mesh Wi-Fi capability, and ease of use via the phone app. In this post I’ll cover why I think Gryphon offers the best mesh Wi-Fi for parental controls.


Understanding Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi  is a type of wireless network that uses multiple devices to achieve better coverage than a traditional single router system. Unlike a traditional router, which broadcasts its signal in a single direction, mesh routers work together to create a single, cohesive network. This means that each router in the system can act as both an access point and a repeater, providing stronger signal strength and wider coverage.

In addition, mesh Wi-Fi systems are typically much easier to set up and manage than traditional router systems. As more and more devices connect to the internet wirelessly, mesh Wi-Fi systems are becoming an increasingly popular option for home and small business users alike.  This is how Gryphon provides best mesh Wi-Fi for parental controls. Regardless of where your device connects to the network it will be protected by Gryphon’s advanced security and parental control features.

Network intrusion detection

Gryphon’s comprehensive internet security system is simple enough for anyone to use, yet it includes a the latest in AI intelligent intrusion detection. The 24/7 protection will keep your devices safe not only external hacking attempts but also malicious payloads that may come from visiting the wrong website. Gryphon is on the cutting edge of security, using machine learning technology to analyze every device connected within your network.

The built-in security scanning comes from ESET who are an internet security company that created NOD32 which is an antivirus program designed to protect desktop computers from malware, spyware, and malicious software. ESET focuses on proactive detection methods rather than solely relying on signature-based detection. This means they are able to detect malware that hasn’t been seen before, which is becoming increasingly important these days.

When you first log into the Gryphon phone app you’ll see some quick stats about your network. Clicking on the alert in the Security Center you’ll see a notification about some malware being blocked from a recent website visit. What’s nice about Gryphon you will get alerts instantly on your phone for things like malware being blocked or a new device connects to the network.

Additionally you’ll get a notification on your phone when a device is requesting to get online which you can then approve or deny from the app. This is very helpful if you happen to enable the security feature Block New Devices on the Settings menu. This feature ensures nothing can connect to your network without your approval.



Another great feature is enabling the Guest Network Wi-Fi. This is a 2nd Wi-Fi access point on your network with a different password from your primary Wi-Fi password. This a real benefit when friends or visitors come over and want to use your Wi-Fi. Additionally just like the primary network you can control the Guest Network with age group filtering, screen time limits, blocked sites, etc. Or you can just leave it unfiltered.



Gryphon Parental Control Filtering

In my opinion what sets the Gryphon router apart from other ones are the extensive controls and granularity offered to parents who need better control over their children’s digital lives. It offers the following features:

  • Content Filtering Based on User’s Age
  • View Web Browsing History
  • Set Bedtimes/Homework Times
  • Suspend the Internet
  • Enhanced Internet and Data Usage Insights for Each User


You can set access controls by device or by a group. In our family we created a management group for each child and then one for the Parents which was unfiltered meaning no access limitations. Gryphon is great at finding every device connected to your network including tablets, printers, and even internet enabled devices like security cameras, lights, and tvs.



In the picture below you can see the screens some of the filtering settings including Safe Search, Safe Youtube, Age Group filter, screen time, and browsing history.


Gryphon Specifications

Connectivity Technology – Wi-Fi AC3000 / Tri-Band

Wireless Standard – Bluetooth, 5 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11bgn, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

Security Protocol – WPA2/WPA3 Personal

Number of Ports – 4. 1 WAN port, x3 Gigabit LAN port

Data Throughput – 3 Gigabits Per Second


In Summary

If you are looking for the best mesh Wi-Fi for parental controls and ultra fast speed, the Gryphon Parental Control Router is a great option. It has received high marks from users and comes highly recommended by experts. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, the Gryphon Tower and Gryphon mesh repeater are perfect for parents who want to keep their children safe online while still providing them with the freedom to explore the internet. Thanks for reading!

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