Eufy SoloCam S220 – Solar Security Camera Review

Recently, I found myself in search of a security camera capable of overseeing our front yard, mailbox, and the comings and goings along the sidewalk. I decided to go with the eufy SoloCam S220, a solar-powered security camera and it’s a game changer. Designed to provide peace of mind without the hassle of frequent charging, the S220 promises around-the-clock surveillance with its 2K resolution and advanced detection capabilities.

Equipped with a solar panel, the eufy SoloCam S220 caught my attention as a hassle-free solution to outdoor security. This solar security camera is straightforward to mount and requires minimal upkeep, thanks to the solar charging. With just a few hours of sunlight per day, the camera stays powered and ready. The night vision is clear, with the infrared LEDs and wide aperture lens ensuring that visibility is maintained even in the dead of night. Another outstanding feature is local storage so there’s no recurring monthly subscription.


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  • Solar Charging: Keeps the battery full, so you don't have to. 3 hours of sunlight daily keeps it running.
  • Day and Night Clarity: Infrared LEDs and an f/1.6 aperture allow more to be seen for excellent night vision.
  • Easy Installation: Put it anywhere thanks to its tiny size and wire-free design. Drill one hole, once.


The human detection feature effectively discriminates between people and other moving objects, reducing false alarms and sending timely alerts. Its compatibility with HomeBase 3 also adds a layer of functionality, like facial recognition. Moreover, the absence of monthly fees for data storage and AI processing offers transparency and value, making it more attractive for long-term use.

Bottom Line

My experience with the eufy SoloCam S220 suggests it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable wireless outdoor security camera. The combination of solar-powered continuous operation, clear night vision, and intelligent human detection lends confidence in its ability to safeguard your premises.

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Overview of Eufy Security SoloCam S220

The SoloCam S220 is easy to install and the solar charging feature is a standout convenience, ensuring that the battery stays charged with just a few hours of sunlight daily. It’s particularly refreshing not to worry about frequent battery replacements or manual recharging.

At night, the SoloCam doesn’t miss a beat; its infrared LEDs and wide aperture offer commendable night vision, capturing more than the ordinary eye can see in low light. This makes it just as reliable after dark as it is in the daytime.

The AI human detection has provided us timely alerts about any visitors, which adds a layer of security. Not to mention, there’s the bonus of no monthly fees—storage and AI operate directly on the device, bringing a clear financial advantage.

In contrast to our previous experiences with other brands that often had glitchy software or costly subscriptions, the SoloCam S220 stands firm as a solid, cost-effective solution for outdoor surveillance needs.

Solar Charging Feature

In our experience with the SoloCam S220, one of its standout features is the solar charging. We found it highly convenient not having to worry about battery life. Just a few hours of sunlight each day kept the camera fully operational, which was a relief as it meant no interruptions in security monitoring. This feature is especially useful for those who don’t fancy frequently climbing ladders to recharge gadgets.

Admittedly, for users in less sunny locations, this solar capability might not be as bulletproof, leaving the camera dependent on its included batteries at times. However, in a well-lit environment, the camera’s self-sufficiency through solar power is a robust advantage. It’s an eco-friendly touch that also ensures the camera is less of maintenance worry for us, saving both time and potential additional costs.

Advanced Night Vision

One feature we found particularly impressive on the SoloCam S220 is its night vision capability. The infrared LEDs team up with an f/1.6 aperture, which allows the camera to gather more light and provide a clearer picture in low-light conditions. We noticed that during the night, the camera didn’t miss a beat; it captured detailed and discernible images of our outdoor environment.

In our experience, even when the camera switched to night mode, the clarity didn’t drop, as can happen with other security cameras. It was reassuring to see that the quality during the night was almost as good as during the day. That’s quite an accomplishment and especially valuable if you’re concerned about your home’s security during the night.

However, like all products, it’s not entirely flawless. While the night vision is effective, its performance does depend on the placement of the camera. In areas with no ambient light at all, the range and clarity could be slightly affected, but in most typical outdoor scenarios, the SoloCam S220 excels in keeping a vigilant electronic eye on your property after dark.


Installation Simplicity

Setting up the SoloCam S220 was straightforward. We appreciated the wireless design which made selecting the installation spot free from any constraints of power outlets. With only one hole to drill, the process was low-effort, and mounting the camera was a breeze. The camera’s solar charging feature offered the convenience of continuous power without the need to periodically remove the camera for recharging. However, keeping in mind the necessity of adequate sunlight to maintain the battery, placement was crucial to optimize exposure to daylight.

Yet, despite the solar advantage, some of us experienced an issue with maintaining a full charge in less frequented areas with minimal sunlight, particularly during the winter months. Overall, our experience was that the easy installation delivered on its promise, while emphasizing the importance of positioning the camera in an area that receives ample sunlight. This minor consideration apart, the SoloCam S220’s installation simplicity suited our various levels of technical expertise quite well.

AI-Enhanced Human Detection

The SoloCam S220’s AI-enhanced human detection capabilities are impressive.  The balance between sensitivity and specificity is notable–it didn’t bombard us with notifications for every moving squirrel, but the moment a visitor stepped into the yard, we knew.

Although we’re not utilizing this feature, the integration with HomeBase 3 could be advantageous for some, offering the potential for facial recognition. This means it’s not just about knowing a person is there, but eventually recognizing who they are, which could transform how we manage home security.

While this feature greatly improves the security aspect, it is important to consider privacy implications. Data about who comes and goes is sensitive, and thankfully, with on-device storage, the SoloCam S220 ensures that this data does not leave the premises without consent.

It’s a robust system for those wanting to keep a vigilant eye over their homestead, offering peace of mind reinforced by technology, all without the hassle of additional fees or complicated setups.

Cost Efficiency Without Monthly Fees

With the ever-increasing array of smart home products, it’s refreshing to find devices that don’t lock you into ongoing costs. The SoloCam S220 is a gem in this regard. Straight out of the box, we appreciated not being hit with subscription fees for data storage and advanced features. It’s a relief to have on-device storage, keeping our footage private and eliminating the need for a cloud subscription, which can add up over time.

Solar charging is a standout feature that sets this camera apart. We’ve seen how it stays powered without the need for regular manual recharging. Just a few hours of sunlight each day ensures the camera is ready to capture anything, cutting down on maintenance and energy costs.

The S220’s crisp 2K resolution and dependable night vision also mean you don’t compromise on image quality for the sake of cost efficiency. Human detection alerts are spot on and free, a bonus we often see locked behind premium plans in other models.

In weighing the pros and cons, it’s hard not to sing praises for the SoloCam S220’s cost-effective nature. It’s not just about the purchase price; it’s the long-term savings and convenience that solidify its value. Who doesn’t like keeping expenses low without sacrificing quality?

Pros and Cons


Having had our hands on the SoloCam S220, we can confidently say its solar charging is a big win. A few hours of sunlight each day render the need to recharge manually virtually non-existent, a feature that stands out for convenience and eco-friendliness. The camera’s 2K resolution gives us clear and detailed footage, making it easier to distinguish what’s happening in our outdoor spaces without the all-too-common grainy images from lower-res models.

Installation is refreshingly straightforward. We appreciate not having to navigate complex wiring or multiple drillings just to secure our home. A single hole is all it took, and it was up and watching in no time. The AI human detection that sends alerts directly to our phones also adds a layer of proactive security, cutting down false alarms efficiently.

Another major plus is the avoidance of recurrent expenses, thanks to the lack of monthly fees. On-device storage is a boon for those of us who prioritize privacy and transparency, knowing that our data isn’t being sent off to some unfamiliar server.


While the device offers a no-cost storage solution, it brings up concerns about capacity limitations and long-term data management. Especially for anyone who wants to keep footage archived.

The solar panel, although innovative, could have some shortcomings in less sunny conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Eufy Security SoloCam S220?

Our experience with the SoloCam S220 highlighted several key features:

  • Solar Charging: The camera is designed to stay fully charged with solar power, requiring just 3 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Night Vision: Thanks to its infrared LEDs and a wide aperture, the night vision is quite impressive.
  • Installation: Its small size and wireless design allow for a straightforward set-up. You only need to drill a single hole.
  • Human Detection AI: Provides real-time alerts of any human activity within its field of view, averting potential false alarms from pets or wildlife.
  • No Recurring Fees: This camera doesn’t incur any monthly fees, making it a cost-effective option for home security.

What is the battery life of the Eufy SoloCam S220, and how often does it need to be recharged?

The SoloCam S220’s battery life is commendable, especially because of the solar charging feature which can keep the camera running without the need for manual recharging, assuming sufficient sunlight. Under optimal conditions, the battery can remain charged indefinitely. From our observations, in less sunny environments, you may need to charge it more frequently, but this varies based on usage patterns.

Can the Eufy SoloCam S220 integrate with other smart home systems?

It can connect to HomeBase 3, which allows for additional features like facial recognition. This integration adds convenience for users who have existing Eufy ecosystems. However, compatibility with broader smart home systems may be limited, so it’s advisable to check specific system requirements for integration with other non-Eufy smart home devices.

Is the installation process for the Eufy Security SoloCam S220 user-friendly?

We found the installation process to be user-friendly. The wire-free design eliminates the need for complex wiring, and the required tools for mounting are minimal. Just a single hole is needed for securing the device, and the included instructions are clear and concise, facilitating an easy set-up.

How effective is the Eufy SoloCam S220 in different weather conditions?

The S220 is designed for outdoor use and to withstand various weather conditions. While there have been instances of solar charging being less effective in overcast or extremely cloudy conditions, overall, the camera sustains its charge and performance remarkably well. Some users may find the battery deters a bit in colder climates. However, these are common issues across most wireless camera models and not unique to the SoloCam S220.



After using the euphy SoloCam S220 for a few months, we have been very happy with this solar security camera. The solar-powered feature stands out, providing a hassle-free experience without the need to frequently recharge the battery, especially when placed in a sunny location. The 2K resolution offers clear and detailed images, improving the overall security monitoring.

Compared to our 10 year old Nest 1080p outdoor camera the S220 is light years ahead, particularly in terms of its wire-free design and crystal clear imagery especially at night. While the S220 isn’t flawless, for those looking for a reliable and eco-friendly security camera, its advantages outweigh any inconveniences. Remember, no monthly fees are a significant perk for a 2K solar security camera in this price bracket.

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