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HP 27-inch QHD Gaming Monitor X27q: Worth the Hype?

If you take your gaming seriously or spend long hours at your computer for work, you’ll understand why a good monitor is key to your setup. We recently spent time with the HP X27q, a QHD monitor claiming to redefine the gaming experience with its high refresh rate and snappy response time.

The crystal-clear QHD resolution is a game-changer, offering sharp details that make every frame count. The HP X27q also boasts an Eyesafe Certified Display, significantly reducing eye strain during extended use, which we found to be a clear advantage for anyone concerned about their eye health. A feature that stood out to us is its height and tilt adjustability, which ensures ergonomic comfort during those long, intense gaming sessions or workdays.

HP 27-inch QHD Gaming with Tilt/Height Adjustment with AMD FreeSync Premium Technology (X27q, 2021 model)
  • Eyesafe Certified Display: Eyesafe certified displays meet TÜV low blue light requirements and Eyesafe standards for protecting your eyes from harmful blue light without distorting colors.
  • Adjust your view: Adjust your screen’s height for comfortable viewing with pivot and tilt capabilities
  • Sustainably sourced packaging: HP is innovating new ways to reduce the amount of materials in our packaging and to use more recycled materials in the design

HP X27q

Sustainability is another area where this monitor doesn’t disappoint. The environmentally friendly packaging is just another reason to feel good about this purchase. Moreover, the inclusion of AMD FreeSync Premium technology lets us game without motion blur or stuttering, syncing the monitor’s refresh rate with our graphics card for smoother gameplay.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. We noticed the local dimming feature might not suit everyone’s taste due to its broad zoning, which can be a distraction in certain scenarios. It’s something to consider depending on what you prioritize in your visual experience.

Bottom Line

Overall, the HP X27q brings a lot to the table with its vivid display, eye-care technology, and ergonomic design.

Its performance in gaming and general use is commendable, and the commitment to sustainability is a welcome bonus.

For those ready to upgrade their visual experience, check out the HP X27q on Amazon and see the difference for yourself.

What is QHD?

QHD is a display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is four times the resolution of 720p HD. That means that QHD monitors have four times as many pixels as HD monitors, providing a significantly sharper image. QHD displays also offer a wider color gamut than HD displays, meaning they can Reproduce colors more accurately. QHD is often used in high-end gaming monitors, as the increased resolution and color reproduction can provide a significant advantage in fast-paced games. QHD is also becoming increasingly common in laptops and other mobile devices, as the higher pixel density can provide a more immersive experience when watching movies or browsing the web.

HP 27-inch QHD Gaming Monitor Overview

We recently spent time with the HP X27q monitor and found that it really enhances the gaming experience with its sharp QHD resolution. The visuals are crisp, thanks to those 3.7 million pixels working to provide detailed images. With the IPS technology backing it up, color reproduction is vibrant, which makes everything from gaming to browsing a pleasure.

The inclusion of AMD FreeSync Premium Technology is a gamer’s boon, smoothing out the frame rate and avoiding screen tearing. Gaming feels responsive due to the high refresh rate and low latency, which is critical in fast-paced scenarios. The Eyesafe Certified Display is a feature we appreciate for those long sessions, as it reduces blue light without color distortion—our eyes were grateful for this.

Adjustability is another plus; being able to change the height and tilt to our preferred comfort level made it versatile for different users. Although some people report inconsistencies with panel quality, our experience was without issue. But it’s not without its flaws; the local dimming was a bit too coarse for our liking, which was noticeable in certain scenarios.

The environment-conscious will be pleased to know the packaging is thoughtfully sourced, aligning with growing eco-friendly expectations. All in all, the HP X27q strikes a balance between high-end features and accessibility, with only minor drawbacks in its lighting implementation.

Eyesafe Certified Display

In our time with the HP X27q, the comfort of our eyes was a standout feature. Thanks to the Eyesafe certification, extended gaming sessions felt less taxing on our eyes compared to other monitors we’ve tested. This certification means that the display minimizes blue light exposure, which is a common concern for digital eye strain without compromising on color quality.

Through day-to-day usage, we noticed the benefits of such a display, especially when switching from work to play. The reduced glare and optimized color output meant that even after long hours, there was no noticeable discomfort or need for frequent breaks, which is a significant advantage for both productivity and gaming marathons.

It’s rare to get a gaming monitor that doesn’t just focus on performance but also on user health. The X27q finds that balance, offering a display that’s not just about vivid colors and smooth visuals but also about taking care of our eyes, which is something we’ve come to appreciate more than we expected.

Height and Tilt Adjustment

In our time with the X27q, we’ve found the height and tilt customization to be satisfactory. The stance is sturdy, allowing for smooth adjustments without feeling fragile or unstable. We could tweak the monitor’s height to match our eye level, which is great for maintaining a comfortable posture over long gaming sessions or workdays. When it comes to tilt, the screen accommodates various viewing angles, offering enough range to find the sweet spot that reduces glare and reflection.

Our experience was largely positive, although we did notice that the mechanism isn’t the smoothest compared to some other high-end competitors. It takes a bit of effort to move the screen, suggesting that while durable, the components could be more refined for ease of use. Also, some of us would have appreciated a pivot feature for portrait orientation, but this specific model sticks to standard height and tilt functions.

Overall, the X27q’s ergonomic features contribute to a pleasant and flexible user experience, ensuring you can game or work comfortably for hours.

Sustainable Packaging

When we unpacked the X27q, the first thing we noticed was HP’s effort to embrace more eco-friendly practices with their packaging. The company has clearly put thought into sourcing materials that reduce environmental impact. This translates to less waste and more use of recycled elements right from the box that the monitor arrives in. It’s refreshing to see a tech brand taking steps towards sustainability, even in the packaging phase.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the balance between protection and sustainability is a tough nut to crack. While appreciating the minimal use of plastics and the incorporation of recycled materials, we did wonder if this might compromise the safety of the product during shipping. Thankfully, the X27q arrived without any damage, suggesting that HP has found a good middle ground.

For those concerned with the environment, this approach by HP merits recognition. Despite these commendable steps, there is still room for growth, and we hope to see future iterations push the envelope even further when it comes to environmentally responsible packaging.

High-Definition QHD Display

Our experience with the X27q’s display was impressive, as the QHD resolution brought out a level of clarity and detail that enhanced our gaming and viewing sessions. With a wide 1440p resolution, the visuals were crisp, making it easy to discern finer details, a boon for both immersive gaming and precise graphic work.

The colors were vivid, thanks to the monitor’s strong contrast ratio and flat screen surface, which also reduced glare and reflections. The 27-inch size felt just right; it maximized workspace without overwhelming our desk space. However, it wasn’t just the display; the added feature of AMD’s FreeSync Premium Technology elevated the smoothness of our gameplay, syncing the frame rate to our graphics card to minimize stuttering and screen tearing.

Balancing the good, it’s important to note that enthusiasts looking for ultra-wide monitors might find the 16:9 aspect ratio limited. But for us, the size and aspect ratio struck a comfortable balance for both work and play. Our experience aligns with the many user reviews that highlight the display’s performance, ensuring us that we’re not alone in valuing this well-rounded monitor.

AMD FreeSync Premium Technology

After some extensive testing time with the X27q, one aspect we can’t overlook is the seamless gaming experience provided by AMD FreeSync Premium. Without getting too technical, let’s just say that screen tearing and stuttering often drag down gaming sessions; that’s where this technology steps in. With its ability to sync the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rate, gameplay becomes smooth, keeping those immersion-breaking glitches at bay. This is particularly noticeable when things get hectic in-game, and you’d expect performance dips.

For the competitive gamers among us, the lack of input lag is a clear advantage — something the X27q handles with finesse, thanks to the inclusion of AMD’s FreeSync Premium tech. While we enjoyed the snappiness and fluid motion, we did notice that to truly take advantage of this feature, you need a compatible AMD graphics card. If you’re on a different setup, you won’t reap the same benefits, which could be a drawback for some.

In essence, this monitor ensures that our gaming sessions remain uninterrupted by technical snags, fostering a more immersive and focused gaming environment.

Pros and Cons

Having spent quality time with the HP X27q, we can weigh the good against the less impressive. When it comes to assessing a monitor, especially one designed for gaming, our firsthand experience provides valuable insights into what users can truly expect.


  • Eye Comfort: Our eyes didn’t tire easily, thanks to the Eyesafe Certified Display. It effectively minimizes blue light without altering the color accuracy, which is a boon for long gaming sessions or workdays.
  • Ergonomic Design: Adjustability is a plus with this monitor. We could change the height and tilt to our preferred viewpoints effortlessly, which enhanced our comfort significantly.
  • Environmental Consciousness: The environmentally-friendly packaging resonated with our values. HP uses less material and incorporates recycled content, setting an example for sustainability in tech.
  • Visual Excellence: The QHD Display is a sight to behold. The sharp details and vibrant colors at 2560 x 1440 resolution made everything from gaming to desktop work look incredible.
  • Smooth Performance: We experienced fluid gameplay thanks to the AMD FreeSync Premium technology. High refresh rates and low latency ensured that our gaming sessions were immersive and lag-free.


  • Shadowing from Local Dimming: While the display is generally excellent, we noticed that the local dimming could cause distracting shadows. It uses vertical strips, which might not suit everyone, especially in scenes with high contrast.
  • The Panel Lottery: It seems there is some inconsistency in panel quality, as echoed in consumer reviews. While our unit came flawless, it’s worth noting that some users have had less luck, which speaks to a potential quality control issue.

My Experience with the The HP X27q

I am using the The HP X27q for my indoor cycling workouts with a desktop game called Zwift. Zwift is a massively multiplayer online cycling and running game and program that enables users to train, race and socialize within the game world.


Additionally the 100mm x 100mm Vesa mount was a breeze to configure with my Wali Articulating Wall Mount. If I had to nitpick anything about the monitor I would point out that it doesn’t have built speakers. However, I remedied that by just hanging my JBL Clip 3 bluetooth speaker behind the monitor on the Wali wall mount.


After extended use, we’ve found that the HP X27q is a solid choice for gamers and professionals alike who are in search of a reliable QHD monitor. Users have largely appreciated its FreeSync Premium compatibility, noting how it pairs well with consoles like the Xbox Series S, and provides fluid gameplay without screen tearing. Though there were some initial concerns about quality control, our experience echoes those who found such issues to be exaggerated.

The monitor’s display quality is a standout, offering crisp visuals complemented by a high refresh rate and HDR support—features that are not always a given at this price point. It’s not without its drawbacks, however, as some users have noted the local dimming can be less than subtle and might distract during certain viewing scenarios. As for its versatility, it has also proven to be a commendable work monitor, providing a noticeable upgrade from standard 1080p models.

Weighing the positives and the negatives, the HP X27q has impressed us with its performance and affordability, fulfilling both gaming and professional requirements with aplomb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best settings to optimize gaming on the HP X27q monitor?

To get the most out of your gaming with the HP X27q, we’ve found that enabling AMD FreeSync™ Premium and adjusting the refresh rate to 165Hz significantly improves the gaming experience by reducing screen tearing. Additionally, calibrating the monitor’s brightness and contrast to suit your gaming environment can enhance visibility during gameplay. The 1ms response time is fantastic for fast-paced games, so make sure that’s activated in the settings to minimize any lag.

How does the HP X27q monitor’s QHD resolution affect gaming performance?

The QHD resolution of our HP X27q monitor, which is 2560 x 1440 pixels, offers a sweet spot for gaming. It provides much sharper images compared to a standard HD display, which is particularly notable in games with fine details. This level of clarity can make for a more immersive gaming experience. However, remember that higher resolutions can be more demanding on your graphics card, so ensure your system can handle these settings without compromising on frame rates.

How does the HP X27q compare to the Gigabyte M27Q monitor?

While using the HP X27q, it’s apparent that it shares several characteristics with the Gigabyte M27Q, such as a similar QHD resolution and a high refresh rate for smooth visuals. However, differences do emerge: the X27q offers Eyesafe Certification, indicating reduced blue light emissions for user comfort. The M27Q may have a slight edge in color performance, yet it lacks the Eyesafe feature. The choice between them may boil down to user priorities—eye comfort versus color fidelity.

What are the pros and cons of the HP X27q monitor according to user reviews on Reddit?

Reddit user reviews highlight the HP X27q’s vibrant and crisp display, with the QHD resolution receiving high praise. The 165Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium add to positive feedback for a fluid gaming experience. On the downside, some users mention the monitor’s stand has limited swivel options, and the HDR performance may not meet the expectations of all users. Additionally, though the build quality is generally admired, a few users desire more connectivity options.

Can the HP X27q monitor be recommended for professional gaming?

Certainly, the HP X27q checks many boxes that professional gamers are looking for, such as high refresh rates, low latency, and FreeSync support for tear-free gaming. Its QHD resolution is a great balance between performance and image quality, making it a suitable candidate for pro-level gaming. However, hardcore enthusiasts might seek more advanced features like HDR and customizable gaming profiles, which are more variable on this monitor.

What has been the overall user satisfaction with the HP X27q monitor on Amazon?

From our observations, user satisfaction with the HP X27q on Amazon seems quite high. With a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating over 1482 reviews, many customers have expressed contentment with the monitor’s performance and quality. The high-definition QHD display and premium features like AMD FreeSync at a competitive price point have been widely acknowledged. While there are occasional gripes about some features, the overall consensus is positive, verifying it as a solid choice for both gaming and general use.


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