KROSER Laptop Backpack Review

I’ve recently had the pleasure of using the KROSER Laptop Backpack, and I must say, its functionality and design exceeded my expectations. The quilted black finish gives it a look that stands out in the sea of travel gear, and having tested it on numerous commutes and a couple of business trips, I found it to be a trusty companion.

Constructed with high-quality, water-repellent fabric, the backpack shrugged off light rain with ease, keeping my gadgets and documents safe and dry. The USB charging port was handy for on-the-go phone charging, a feature I’ve grown to truly appreciate. The separate compartments and pockets, including those with RFID protection, allowed me to organize my 17-inch laptop, tablet, and all other essentials efficiently.

KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Large Computer Backpack Water-Repellent Daypack with USB Charging Port RFID Pockets for Work/Business/College/Men/Women(Quilted)
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This stylish laptop backpack is made of high-quality water-repellent poly fabric; Dimensions: 19.3”x13”x7.9”, fits up to 17 inch laptop; Weight: 2.98LBS.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COMPARTMENTS: Separated compartments and pockets are designed to provide roomy space for your computer, iPad, power bank, A4 files, wallet, cards, clothes, etc. Well-padded foam for your computer with organizer dimensions fits up to 17 inch laptop. RFID Pockets with Identity protection function protects date encoded on most IDs, credit cards and passports.
  • USB PORT : Built-in USB port is convenient to charge your cell phone by the connected power bank in a safe way. (POWER BANK is not included)

KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack

On the downside, it felt a bit rigid which restricted how much I could pack, though it did maintain its shape well. On the plus side, its numerous pockets and the capacity to hold laptops up to 17 inches made it a versatile option for different uses. The comfort factor wasn’t overlooked either; the padded shoulder straps and back panel made it comfortable to carry, even when it was fully loaded.

Bottom Line

The KROSER Laptop Backpack is a reliable option for anyone needing a secure and stylish bag for their travels or daily commute.

Its thoughtful features, like the USB charging port and ample storage compartments, make it not just a backpack, but an efficient travel tool that helps keep everything organized.

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Overview of the KROSER Laptop Backpack

Having used this backpack extensively on my recent trips, I find it holds up to its promise of being a large and durable companion. The high-quality, water-repellent poly fabric stands up to the elements, ensuring my gadgets stay dry. The separate compartments are a godsend for organization lovers like me – I can easily slot in my laptop, tablet, power bank, and other essentials without them getting jumbled up.

The built-in USB port is particularly convenient, allowing me to charge my phone on the go, provided I have my power bank. It’s the small things, like the RFID pockets providing that extra security for my credit cards and passport, that make me appreciate the thoughtful design.

Comfort-wise, the backpack doesn’t disappoint. The adjustable shoulder straps and well-padded back panel mean I can carry it comfortably for hours. Plus, the luggage strap is a useful feature that eases the load when I’m navigating through airports.

On the flip side, initially, it didn’t seem to have much give, which raised concerns about fitting bulky items. However, over time it adapted to my needs, proving to be quite spacious.

While it’s certainly not the smallest backpack out there, its functionalities and smart organization features make it a robust choice for anyone looking for a reliable travel backpack.

Durable Material and Stylish Design

In my time using the KROSER backpack, I’ve found that the material holds up impressively against day-to-day wear and tear. The poly fabric is water-repellent which has kept my belongings dry during unexpected downpours. While it’s clear that durability is a priority, this backpack doesn’t sacrifice style. Its quilted black design exudes a professional yet chic vibe, making it a suitable accessory for both work and casual settings.

The structured shape has managed to maintain its form even after frequent use, which speaks to the quality of its construction. Weighing in at just under three pounds, it carries a reasonable weight for its size. However, while the material has proven to be strong, I did notice that in particularly rough conditions, such as heavy rain or scratches against abrasive surfaces, it begins to show signs of stress. Although, this is a common issue with any backpack and not overly detrimental to its overall robust nature.

Overall, the KROSER manages to strike a balance between a sleek appearance and the resilience required for everyday use. Whether it’s for college, office, or travel, the enduring material partnered with the sophisticated aesthetic makes it a reliable choice for anyone looking for a new backpack.

Organizational Compartments

From the moment I packed up for a day’s work, I could tell the design team behind this backpack had a clear understanding of on-the-go organization. The various pockets and compartments struck a fine balance between accessibility and security, catering to the essentials such as a laptop, tablet, and various A4 documents.

The main compartment is spacious enough to fit my 17-inch laptop snugly, with padding that gives me peace of mind about its safety. I could also stow away other items like clothes or a work binder without feeling like I was forcing anything in. The front section with its array of small sleeves and slots made finding my wallet, power bank, and stationery a breeze. And let’s not overlook the ingenious RFID pockets—these compartments gave me an extra layer of security for my cards and passport, which is invaluable when I’m traveling.

Even after fully loading the backpack, I found that the well-knitted luggage strap facilitated a comfortable fit over my suitcase handle, which lightened the load during transit. My experience with this backpack suggests it combines functionality with thoughtful design to cater to both daily use and travel needs.

Convenience with USB Charging Port

Having a backpack with a built-in USB charging port is all about staying powered on the go. In my use of the KROSER backpack, I found the integrated USB port to be a significant convenience. With my power bank nestled snugly inside, I could easily connect my phone to the port via a USB cable.

Though the KROSER doesn’t come with a power bank, it’s not an issue since I prefer to use my own high-capacity one. The charging port’s exterior access means there’s no need to open the backpack every time my smartphone runs low on power, which I appreciate during commutes.

However, it’s important to remember to disconnect your devices before moving swiftly, as the cable hanging out could get caught, posing a minor inconvenience. This feature is beneficial for those who rely on their devices throughout the day, but it does require some awareness of your device’s connection while on the move.

Safety and Comfort for the Traveller

On my last trip, the KROSER backpack’s well-padded foam compartment gave me peace of mind, snugly fitting my 17-inch laptop and shielding it from the jostles and knocks of travel. It didn’t just protect my tech; the RFID pockets were a bonus, keeping my credit card data secure from electronic theft—a concern that’s more real than ever.

But safety isn’t all about data; it’s about comfort, too. Gone are the days of sweaty backs and sore shoulders, thanks to this backpack’s air-flow padding system which made a marked difference in comfort during my long transit. Even fully packed, the adjustable padded shoulder straps distributed weight evenly, and I scarcely felt the load during my cross-city treks.

At one point, I attached the backpack to my trolley using the integrated luggage strap. That small, functional touch saved me the hassle of carrying an extra bag. Whether it’s the secret pocket that kept my valuables discreetly tucked away or the durable material that braved a sudden downpour without letting a drop through, this backpack proved to be a sturdy companion for both my tech and comfort needs.

Pros and Cons


Having recently tried out the KROSER backpack, I can confidently say it stands out for several reasons:

  • Durability: The material feels robust and water-repellent capability adds a layer of protection against the elements. Handling it daily, it’s clear that the backpack can withstand regular wear and tear without issues.
  • Storage and Organization: The multiple compartments are a game-changer. Each section is thoughtfully designed, from a padded laptop slot that snugly fits my 17″ laptop to smaller pockets for my gadgets and essentials. The RFID pockets are a bonus for security-minded individuals.
  • Comfort: Even when fully loaded, the well-padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly, making it comfortable to carry around all day.
  • USB Port: This feature is quite handy. I’ve used the USB charging port to easily charge my phone on the go, without fumbling for a power bank inside the backpack.
  • Style: It’s not just practical—the quilted black design gives it a sleek look that’s been complimented several times.


However, a few aspects could be improved upon:

  • Size Flexibility: Initially, the backpack does seem rigid and does not stretch much. It can be challenging to pack items that aren’t perfectly shaped, and those who carry a lot of bulky items might find it limiting.
  • Laptop Fit: While it accommodates a 17-inch laptop, the snug fit might not be ideal for those with high-end laptops that have additional accessories attached.
  • USB Port Practicality: While the built-in USB port is a great feature, remember the power bank isn’t included, and finding the right spot for it inside can take a bit of organizing.

Being hands-on with this KROSER backpack has revealed its strengths and areas for potential improvement. Its well-rounded features make it a solid choice for daily use, whether for work, college, or casual travel.



After spending some time with the KROSER laptop backpack, my impressions are quite positive. The standout feature for me is clearly the organization; the multiple zippered pockets enable you to allocate a space for each item which simplifies finding things quickly. The USB charging port is a convenient addition, especially for those on the go who need to power up their devices. I was also impressed by the quality of materials used; the backpack feels durable and well made, which bodes well for longevity.

That said, I did notice it’s a bit stiff, which could limit the amount of stuff you can carry initially, though it might loosen up with use. The size is substantial, which is great for larger laptops, but it also means it’s not the smallest daypack around. In terms of style, the quilting pattern gives it a unique look that blends professionalism with a dash of elegance.

In sum, for business, college, or daily work use, the KROSER backpack strikes a good balance of fashion and function. If you need a reliable, spacious bag that won’t shy away from a bit of weather, this backpack warrants consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

After packing my gear into the KROSER backpack and spending a few days navigating the city, I came across questions you might also have.

Is the KROSER Laptop Backpack comfortable for carrying a 17.3-inch laptop?

Absolutely, yes. My 17-inch laptop fits snugly into the padded compartment, and I can testify to the backpack’s cushioned straps making even a heavy load manageable on my shoulders. The frame doesn’t weigh down on me, thanks to its smart design distributing weight evenly.

What are the main features of the KROSER Laptop Backpack?

The backpack’s standout features include a multitude of compartments which suited my various storage needs—my laptop, accessories, and even A4-sized documents. I particularly appreciated the RFID pockets which gave me a sense of security for my cards while commuting. The USB port proved useful for on-the-go charging—remember though, you’ll need your own power bank.

How durable is the KROSER Laptop Backpack for daily use?

Having used it daily, rain or shine, I can vouch for its sturdy water-repellent fabric. The zippers and pockets have withstood repeated use without a hitch. It still looks as good as new, making it a reliable choice for everyday wear and tear.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the KROSER 17-inch Laptop Backpack?

Although the exact maximum weight isn’t specified, my experience shows that the backpack handles a considerable amount. I’ve loaded it with two laptops, books, and other essentials without any strain on the seams or zippers.

Does the KROSER Laptop Backpack have a dedicated compartment for tech accessories?

Beyond the laptop compartment, there are smaller pockets and sleeves which are perfect for storing chargers, cables, and other tech accessories. They’re easily accessible and keep my gears organized.

Can the KROSER Backpack’s charging port accommodate various devices?

Yes, the charging port is a universal USB outlet, so it pairs with any charging cable. I’ve tried it with my phone and tablet, and it charges them without any issue—as long as I have a power bank connected inside.

There you have it, the most queried aspects of the KROSER backpack from a hands-on perspective. It’s not just about what it can carry but how it carries—securely and comfortably.

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