Rock Out with E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise can be a major distraction. I’ve been using the Silensys E7 wireless headphones, and they’ve really impressed me with their performance. As someone who frequently travels and works in noisy environments, these headphones have become my go-to for blocking out unwanted sounds.

The active noise cancelling feature works seamlessly, allowing me to immerse myself in music or videos without interruptions. The sound quality is clear and crisp, with deep bass that enhances my listening experience. I also appreciate the comfort provided by the protein earpads, which are soft and allow for long usage without discomfort. The 30-hour battery life is another strong point for extended use during travels.

Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel/Work, Black
  • Active Noise Cancelling ANC: Advanced ANC technology significantly reduce aviation, crowded and noisy environment. Get away from distracting sounds, and immerse yourself into your ideal music, movies, audiobooks or videos. You can finally listen to what you want to hear and focus on YOU! The noise cancelling feature operates smoothly in both wired and wireless modes.
  • Custom 45mm Large Aperture Drivers: Make the world sound better has always been the central focal point of our audio engineering. Our Custom 45mm powerful drivers of this noise cancelling headphone produce superior sounds with crystal crisp clarity with a well-balanced deep bass response for any type of music you love.
  • Premium Built-in Microphone and Bluetooth 5.0 Technology: By quick-simple pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled devices, the headset then has a stable Bluetooth connection. Efficient stable Bluetooth connection with a high-quality built-in microphone gives you true wireless freedom for all your calls. Making it possible to have clear sounds during your hands-free conversations. These features are a real GAME CHANGER!


Silensys E7 Headphones


Bottom Line

If you want high-quality noise-cancelling headphones for travel or work, the Silensys E7 is a solid choice. Its sound quality, comfort, and battery life make it a reliable companion.

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Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Overview

Having just tried out the Silensys E7, I noticed its effective noise-cancelling capabilities, which do a remarkable job of blocking out unwanted background noise. The balanced sound quality is quite appealing, providing clear audio and deep bass for all types of media.

One thing that stood out during my usage was the comfort provided by the soft protein earpads. Even after wearing them for long periods, they remained comfortable, though I did need to take a break every couple of hours. The Bluetooth connectivity is seamless, making pairing with devices quick and hassle-free.

I was impressed by the battery life. With up to 30 hours of playtime, these headphones are perfect for travel or long workdays. Nonetheless, they’re not without limitations — the noise cancelling isn’t perfect for all environments, and extended use can be a bit warm on the ears.

Advanced Noise Cancellation

When I first tried the noise cancellation on this headset, I was pleasantly surprised. The technology effectively reduces background noise in busy environments like cafes and public transit. I could focus on my music without distraction.

In noisy settings, like airports or crowded trains, the performance remains consistent. It blocks out a significant amount of ambient noise, although not entirely. Conversations nearby were still faintly audible but overall, the experience was impressive.

One thing that stood out was the smooth operation whether I used it wirelessly or with a cable. A minor inconvenience was a slight pressure on the ears after long sessions, though this was manageable with breaks. Overall, the Silensys E7 offers solid noise cancellation for its price range.

Custom 45mm Large Aperture Drivers

What immediately struck me about these headphones is the impressive sound quality, thanks to the custom 45mm large aperture drivers. The audio is rich and fills the space around me, creating an immersive experience. Whether I’m listening to complex classical pieces or powerful rock songs, the clarity and depth are consistently strong.

However, it’s worth noting that at higher volumes, the bass can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, slightly overshadowing the mids and highs. This might be fine for some genres but can be a drawback for others.

Overall, the drivers offer a commendable blend of power and precision, enhancing the way I enjoy various music styles.

Wireless Connectivity and Built-In Microphone

Pairing the Silensys E7 with my devices was a breeze, and I enjoyed a stable Bluetooth connection throughout my use. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensured that I didn’t face any dropouts or latency issues.

The built-in microphone performed well during calls, providing clear sound without any noticeable distortion. This made my hands-free conversations convenient and hassle-free.

On the downside, I noticed minor background noise during calls in extremely noisy environments. Overall, the wireless freedom and decent microphone quality were satisfactory for my needs.

Long Battery Life

One of the standout features is the impressive battery life. I found that it easily lasted through long work sessions and flights, often clocking in close to the advertised 30 hours on a single charge. Whether I was immersed in a marathon movie session or an extended music listening spree, the battery held up remarkably well.

It’s worth noting that even with heavy usage, the need to recharge didn’t arise as frequently as I’d expected. Only occasional users might forget where they last put their charger. On the flip side, charging takes a fair amount of time, so it’s best to plan ahead.

In summary, the battery performance adds a lot of convenience and reliability, making these headphones a solid choice for long-term use without frequent interruptions.

What are noise cancelling headphones?

Noise cancelling headphones work by using microphones to pick up on ambient noise and then generate a sound wave that cancels out the noise. This way, you can enjoy your music without any distractions from your surroundings. Ease into work with some calming tunes, or rock out to your favorite band without worrying about disturbing the person in the cubicle next to you.  It’s worth mentioning that by design you will still hear some external sounds simply because of safety reasons although they are well muted. Imagine not being able to hear a fire alarm.


Why not use earbuds?

Earbuds are great for portability, but they don’t offer the same noise-cancelling capabilities as headphones. They also can’t provide the same level of immersion in your music as headphones that go over your ears. If you want to be able to really focus on your work, or escape into your favorite tunes, then noise-cancelling headphones are the way to go. Additionally with a wired earbuds you risk accidentally walking away from your desk still plugged in. Speaking from experience my phone ended up on the floor one too many times this way and I had to buy a new phone.


E7 wireless bluetooth headphones

The E7 Wireless Headphones are the perfect solution for anyone who wants great sounding music without any wires. The 750mAh lithium battery operated headphones allow you to enjoy hours of music without having to charge everyday.  Charging is easy to do with just a Micro USB cable. They offer “true to life” sounds for clear vocals, clean bass, and crisp percussion. The sound produced is deep and powerful yet balanced.  The over the ear cups are soft and plush with 45mm large-aperture drivers. The head band is adjustable so they never hang on your ears. I’ve worn them for hours while working and have not experienced any discomfort. But the active noise canceling feature is what separates these wireless phones from other models available.  One additional feature is that the E7 headphones come with an built-in high quality HD microphone for making phone calls.

E7 noise cancelling headphones specifications:

  • Active noise cancelling technology
  • lightweight comfort and plush flexible ear cups
  • 750mAh lithium battery  for 30 hours of playtime
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  • built-in microphone
  • true to life sound

Pros and Cons


Firstly, the active noise cancellation on these Silensys E7 headphones is a game-changer. I was able to use them on a crowded train and noticed a significant reduction in external noise, making my commute much more pleasant. Paired with the custom 45mm drivers, the sound quality is exceptional, offering a clear and balanced audio experience.

I found the Bluetooth connection to be very stable. Whether I was making calls or streaming music, there were no noticeable drops or connectivity issues. The built-in microphone was also quite effective for voice calls, providing clear sound on both ends.

Comfort is another strong point. The protein earpads are incredibly soft, and even after hours of use, my ears didn’t feel fatigued. The headphones are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The battery life is impressive. With up to 30 hours of playtime, I didn’t have to worry about the headphones dying during long trips. This feature proved extremely convenient during my long-haul flights.


There are some areas where these headphones could improve. One issue I encountered was the durability of the earpads. After a few months of use, the material began to show signs of wear, which may require replacement sooner than expected.

Another minor drawback is that while the noise cancellation is effective, it’s not perfect. It works well for lower frequency sounds like engine hum but struggles a bit with higher frequency noises.

Lastly, the headphones can feel a bit tight if worn continuously for several hours. It’s advisable to take short breaks to avoid discomfort. Although this isn’t a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider if you plan to use them for very long sessions.



After using the Silensys E7 headphones, I can confidently say they offer excellent value. The sound quality is impressive, with deep bass that enhances the listening experience. The noise cancelling feature works well for blocking out ambient noise, making them perfect for travel or work.

The comfortable protein earpads allow for extended use without discomfort. I did notice, though, that they might not be ideal for intense workouts as the materials might degrade over time. Despite this, the 30-hour battery life is a standout feature, ensuring long periods of uninterrupted use.

In summary, these headphones combine comfort, quality, and effective noise cancelling at an affordable price, making them a great choice for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the improvements in the Silensys E7 Pro compared to the standard E7 model?

The E7 Pro offers a few key enhancements over the standard E7 model. Firstly, the E7 Pro features upgraded noise cancelling technology, making it very effective in even noisier environments. The sound quality is also superior, with richer bass and clearer highs. Comfort has been improved with better ear padding, making long listening sessions more pleasant.

What are the differences between the Silensys E7 and Cowin E7 noise-cancelling headphones?

While both the Silensys E7 and Cowin E7 models deliver noise cancellation and decent sound quality, there are some differences worth noting. In my experience, the Silensys E7 has slightly superior build quality and more comfortable ear pads. Also, the Silensys seems to have a marginally longer battery life, which can be a significant advantage during long travels.

How long is the battery life of the Silensys E7 headphones on a single charge?

Battery life on the Silensys E7 is excellent. I can typically get around 30 hours of continuous usage with noise cancellation and Bluetooth active. This includes a mix of listening to music, watching videos, and making calls. Charging it fully ensures that it lasts throughout long flights or busy workdays without needing to recharge frequently.

Does the Silensys E7 offer a built-in microphone for taking calls?

Yes, the Silensys E7 indeed has a built-in microphone. I found the call quality to be very good, with clear sound on both ends. The Bluetooth connectivity is stable, which helps in maintaining good audio quality during calls. This makes the headphones a solid choice for those who need to make frequent hands-free calls.

Can the Silensys E7 headphones connect to devices using Bluetooth technology?

Absolutely, the Silensys E7 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This allows for quick and easy pairing with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices. In my experience, the connection remains stable, and the range is sufficient for most daily uses. Switching between devices is also relatively hassle-free.

Who manufactures the E7 headphones and are they associated with the Cowin brand?

The E7 headphones are manufactured by Silensys. While Silensys and Cowin appear to produce similar models, they are distinct brands. My experience suggests that despite the similarities, the Silensys E7 seems to offer some improvements in terms of build quality and comfort over similar models from Cowin.

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