Gryphon AX Router: Wi-Fi 6 with Parental Controls

I have been a happy owner of the Grhypon Tower parental control router for many years. But recently my home office moved upstairs to the opposite corner of our house from the router and wi-fi has been unreliable. So I decided to upgrade to the newest Gryphon router, the Grphyon AX, featuring Wi-Fi 6 and other new and improved features.

One of the primary reasons to choose the Gryphon AX router over other brands is the native parental control filtering. In addition this and the performance upgrade, an unexpected feature I like is that the physical dimensions are smaller than the old Tower so it fits on my shelf better.


Gryphon AX – Ultra-Fast Mesh WiFi 6 Parental Control Router – Advanced Content Filters and Next-Gen Firewall - 4.3 Gbps Across 3,000 sq. ft. per Router for Multi-Device Households
  • PROTECT YOUR CONNECTED HOME – Experience safe, reliable Internet for your family or small business with Gryphon AX—the all-in-one Mesh WiFi 6 Router, engineered to deliver fast, efficient coverage, enhanced security, and advanced parental controls without any data bottlenecks
  • ADVANCED PARENTAL CONTROLS – Create a safe Internet experience for young users with your WiFi mesh system’s active content monitoring, app and website blocking, individualized time limits, and comprehensive insights so you can better monitor your kids’ screen time (4)
  • POWERFUL MESH WIFI 6 – AX4300 technology provides impressive coverage and lightning-fast speeds, no matter how many users and connected devices are added to your network, as simultaneous tri-band radios and 4x4 MU-MIMO deliver up to 3,000 sq. ft. of coverage off a single Gryphon mesh router (1) (2)


The setup process is straightforward, thanks to the Gryphon Connect app. And since we were already users of the app we were able to backup our older router config and restore the user profiles are parental filtering rules to the new one. If you’re purchasing the router for the first time you will get a free subscription to their premium security service which actively monitors all traffic on your home network but afterwards you will need to renew annually if you want to keep it.


Gryphon AX – A Cut Above in Home Wi-Fi Experience

Recent shifts to a more connected home environment have put wi-fi networks to the test, and we found the Gryphon AX to be quite the workhorse in this aspect. Covering up to 3,000 sq. ft., it smoothly accommodates our families numerous devices and sidesteps the usual hiccups in performance. It features tri-band radios and MU-MIMO capabilities for maintaining speed and efficiency relentlessly.

The integrated advanced parental controls are a godsend, providing peace of mind with features like active content monitoring and tailored time constraints for the younger users in our homes. Additionally, the Gryphon AX’s refined firewall and round-the-clock intrusion detection keep our network shielded from malware and phishing dangers, without us having to break a sweat.


Managing our network through the Gryphon Connect app made the entire process straightforward and unified. While we appreciate the simplicity of setting up and navigating the app, the allure is truly in its dynamic control over both device access and app use. One downside noted was the number of Ethernet ports, which for us, necessitated the addition of a network hub.

In our experience, the Gryphon AX mesh router has outshone expectations in areas of coverage and user-friendly control—even when expanding or adjusting our home’s internet needs.

Reliable Connectivity Everywhere

After several months of use with the Gryphon AX, we’ve found its performance to be exceptional in providing stable internet access throughout our home. Its Mesh WiFi 6 technology handled our multiple devices smoothly, keeping the whole family connected without any noticeable drops in coverage or speed.

The brand promises extensive coverage up to 3,000 sq. ft., which we can vouch for, as we’ve noticed consistent signal strength in every corner of our home. The ease of managing our network from the Gryphon Connect app has been a highlight. Customizing parental controls to our liking was straightfoward, and adjusting settings as needed also proved to be hassle-free.

Since this was our 2nd Gryphon router I was familiar with how easy the setup can be. However, I experienced a slight challenge restoring my old device’s backup to new AX router. Reaching out to their tech support helped sort things out. Despite this, it’s been reassuring that every device is under the protection of the router’s advanced security features like the next-gen firewall and intelligent intrusion detection.

In our experience, Gryphon’s promises of a covered and protected home hold weight, as they deliver a product that stands up to the demands of a modern, multi-device household.

Advanced Parental Controls for a Safer Online Environment

In my experience with the Gryphon AX, the advanced parental controls stood out as a highlight feature. Ensuring our kids have a safe online experience has always been a priority, and with this mesh Wi-Fi system, we found the content monitoring and access restrictions particularly robust. The ability to set individualized time limits and having insights into our kids’ screen times allowed us to tailor their online activities effectively.


Using the parental controls, the Gryphon AX makes it simple to block apps and websites that aren’t appropriate for family members. Moreover, setting up profiles for each child and managing their internet access through the Gryphon Connect app is intuitive. We appreciated how adjustments could be made on the fly, and the system reacted in real-time, offering peace of mind to any concerned parent.

Additionally helpful for parents with tech savy kids is the option to block VPNs from being used. This can be configured per user. Using a VPN can bypass filtering rules so be sure check it out.

While these features impressed us, we did encounter moments that needed us to consult customer service. Though not a significant drawback, it’s worth noting that using tech support was part of our journey to ensure we leveraged all control features optimally. Nonetheless, the Gryphon AX mesh router provided us with a much-needed balance of security and flexibility in parenting controls.


Simplicity of Setup and Management

Setting up the Gryphon AX couldn’t have been more straightforward. Upon unboxing the router, all that was required was a quick download of the Gryphon Connect app. The on-screen guidance walked us through the process step by step. We appreciated that the entire setup was mobile-friendly, eliminating the need for a computer. In less than 10 minutes, we had our network running smoothly.


In terms of management, everything is controlled from the app. It’s smooth and user-friendly, allowing us to adjust settings without delving into overly technical menus. We easily set up parental controls, with the option to manage screen time and filter content. The daily management and tweaking of settings are a breeze as well; plus, we encountered no issues adding multiple devices to our network.

When we did need assistance, Gryphon’s tech support proved knowledgeable and ready to help. This level of service added to our confidence in managing the router long-term. Our experience really shows that Gryphon understands the importance of a hassle-free user experience, especially when managing parental controls and network security.

Pros and Cons


Having had the pleasure of using the Gryphon AX mesh router in our various household settings, we’ve found several standout features that warrant attention.

  • Broad coverage: The router certainly delivers on its promise of extending WiFi coverage, easily blanketing a considerable 3,000 square feet which has helped eliminate dead zones in our space.
  • Parental controls: As far as overseeing our kids’ online activities goes, the advanced parental controls have proven remarkably intuitive. We’ve appreciated the ability to monitor content and set specific time limits for internet usage.
  • Streamlined setup: We’ve discovered that the process of getting the router up and running through the Gryphon Connect app is refreshingly straightforward, a relief for those of us less tech-savvy.
  • Enhanced security: The next-gen firewall and real-time intrusion detection give us peace of mind, knowing our devices are shielded from a variety of online threats.
  • WiFi 6 technology: The leap in performance brought on by WiFi 6 is evident, supporting multiple devices seamlessly without any noticeable lag.


There is no perfect product, and the Gryphon AX comes with its own set of drawbacks.

  • Technical glitches: A few instances of technical issues have cropped up, which were promptly resolved by Gryphon support using the phone app.
  • Learning curve: Despite the ease of setup, mastering the full scope of features and controls has taken some time, which might be a slight hurdle for new users.
  • Cost: A more premium pricing point places Gryphon AX in the higher tier, potentially out of reach for budget-conscious consumers.



The Gryphon AX router marks a significant advancement in home networking technology, embodying a blend of top-tier performance, advanced security features, and user-friendly management tools. With its commitment to delivering high-speed internet across every corner of your home, the Gryphon AX ensures that your digital experiences are seamless, whether you’re streaming in ultra-high definition, gaming with minimal latency, or engaging in intensive work from home scenarios. Its emphasis on robust parental controls and comprehensive security measures offers peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for families looking to safeguard their online activities. As we move towards a more connected future, the Gryphon AX stands out as a beacon of reliability and innovation, setting new standards for what we can expect from home networking solutions.

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