Yealink UH37 Professional USB Headset Review: Worth It?

Working from home has become the new normal, and having dependable audio equipment is vital. I recently had the chance to try out the Yealink UH37 headset. Yealink UH37

The first thing I noticed was the comfort. Its lightweight design and soft ear cushions make it easy to wear for extended periods. The audio quality is also impressive, delivering clear sound during calls and offering a rich experience when listening to music.

Yealink UH37 Professional USB Headset with Microphone for PC Laptop Noise Cancelling & Volume Control VoIP Skype MS Teams Online Conference(USB-A)
  • 【Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones】-With dual-microphones noise cancellation and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, UH37 intelligently shields the noise and only picks up the speaker's voices. Even if in a crowded workplace, it can significantly reduce interference, allowing both sides of the call to enjoy pleasant communications.
  • 【Phenomenal Audio for Call and Music】-The UH37 professional headset features professional-grade 35mm speakers, superb stereo sound, and dynamic EQ (Automatic switch between call mode and music mode), giving clear sound in call mode, high fidelity in music mode. You don't miss any details, focus on the tasks, and burst with fresh ideas whether you're meeting or listening to music during work.
  • 【Skin-friendly and Soft Headband & Ear Cushions】-UH37 weighs about 15% less than the previous USB headsets generation. UH37 wired Headset is well-built with a sturdy-feeling design made of high-grade plastic reinforced by a metal frame. The skin-friendly material, soft memory foam, combined with the ergonomic ear-fitting design, brings you a comfortable all-day experience.

That said, the noise-canceling feature works exceptionally well, significantly reducing background noise. While it’s optimized for Microsoft Teams, it’s also compatible with other popular platforms like Skype and Zoom, making it versatile for various needs.

Bottom Line

If you’re in need of a professional-grade headset, the Yealink UH37 is a solid choice.

Its comfort, sound quality, and noise-canceling capabilities make it a standout option.

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Overview of the Yealink UH37 Professional USB Headset

I recently tried out the Yealink UH37, and it has some impressive features. The dual noise-canceling microphones are particularly effective, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments. This made my calls both professional and distraction-free.

The audio quality stands out as well. The 35mm speakers deliver sharp sound during voice calls and excellent fidelity when I switch to music mode. Wearing the headset for extended periods was comfortable due to the soft headband and ear cushions, which felt good even after a long day of meetings.

One minor downside is that it’s a wired headset, so mobility is limited. The cable is fairly long, which is somewhat helpful, but it’s still tethered to the computer. Despite this, the overall performance in call quality and comfort makes it a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable USB headset.

Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones

Using the Yealink headset, I was impressed by its dual noise-canceling microphones. They effectively filter out background noise, making my voice clear during online meetings. This feature proved beneficial in a bustling office environment, where it managed to reduce disruptive sounds.

Even though the microphones performed well under most conditions, they sometimes struggled with very loud background noises. Despite this minor flaw, the clarity was consistently top-notch for my day-to-day calls and online conferences.

The microphones make the headset stand out compared to others I’ve used. Their convenient performance enhances communication, ensuring I am heard clearly, even when I’m not in the quietest location.

Superior Audio Quality for Calls and Music

Using the UH37 headset was a pleasant experience for both work calls and music. The dual-microphones with noise cancellation ensured that my voice came through clearly, even in a busy environment. The stereo sound quality was impressive, allowing me to catch every detail during conference calls and listen to music with high fidelity.

Switching between call mode and music mode was seamless, thanks to the dynamic EQ feature. This helped maintain clarity and richness in audio whether I was speaking or listening to tunes. On the downside, while the sound quality for calls was excellent, I found the music mode to be decent but not outstanding.

Overall, the UH37 provided reliable and clear audio performance for various tasks, making it a useful addition to my daily work setup.

Comfortable and Lightweight Design

When I first put on the UH37, I immediately noticed how light it felt. The headset is about 15% lighter than its predecessor, making it comfortable for extended use. The soft memory foam ear cushions and skin-friendly headband add to the overall comfort, allowing me to wear it for hours without any discomfort.

That said, the metal frame ensures durability, even though the plastic parts keep it lightweight. One minor issue is that the ear cups can feel a bit warm after long periods of wear. Despite this, the fit remains snug and secure, which I find particularly important for long work calls and online meetings.

Wide Compatibility Across PC Systems

I recently used the Yealink UH37 headset with different PC setups, and it seamlessly integrated with each one. Whether on a Windows laptop or a Linux desktop, the device was immediately recognized and functional without needing extra drivers. It’s optimized for MS Teams, making virtual meetings smoother. However, I did encounter a minor hiccup when switching between systems, where I had to adjust sound settings manually.

The versatility in connectivity is impressive, as it performed equally well with VoIP applications and general multimedia use. This flexibility makes it a reliable choice for various work environments and purposes.

In terms of user experience, it was mostly plug-and-play, supporting a range of operating systems effortlessly. However, Mac users might want to double-check compatibility specifics before making a purchase, though I had no major issues during my tests.

Exceptional Manufacturer Support

Yealink’s customer support genuinely impressed me. When I encountered a minor issue with the UH37 headset, their team was prompt and eager to assist. The representatives were knowledgeable and walked me through troubleshooting steps clearly.

Contacting support was straightforward, without long waiting times. Their proactive follow-up ensured my problem was resolved satisfactorily. It’s clear that Yealink prioritizes user satisfaction, making the whole experience seamless.

Though I faced a minor hiccup initially, Yealink’s swift and effective support ensured I could quickly return to productive use. This strong backing instills confidence in their products, knowing help is readily available.

Pros and Cons


The dual noise-canceling microphones impressively reduce background sounds. This feature is particularly useful during work calls, ensuring clear communication. The audio quality stands out, offering crisp sound for both calls and music.

Comfort is another strong point. The lightweight design combined with soft ear cushions makes it easy to wear for extended periods. The headset also integrates well with various platforms including Teams, Skype, and Zoom, enhancing its versatility.


Despite the many positives, it’s not without its minor issues. One drawback is its wired design. This can limit mobility and might be an inconvenience for those who prefer moving around during calls.

There’s also a reported issue with the durability of the headset. Some users have experienced it malfunctioning after a few months of use. This can be frustrating, especially during important meetings.

Overall, the sound quality for music is decent but doesn’t compare to dedicated music headphones. If high-fidelity music playback is a priority, this might not fully meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the audio quality of the Yealink UH37 compare to other USB headsets in its class?

I found the audio quality to be quite impressive. The clarity during calls and the richness of the sound in music mode stand out. The dual noise-canceling microphones are particularly effective, reducing background noise significantly more than other headsets I’ve used. It’s great for both professional calls and personal music.

What are the comfort and ergonomics like when using the UH37 for extended periods?

Using the UH37 for long periods was generally comfortable. The design is lightweight and the ear cushions are soft, which prevented any discomfort during extended use. The headband is adjustable and the materials feel high-quality, making it suitable for daily wear.

Can the Yealink UH37 USB headset be easily integrated with conferencing software platforms?

Integration with conferencing software was seamless. It worked smoothly with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and I didn’t experience any connectivity issues. The compatibility with other platforms like Skype and Whatsapp is a nice bonus, making it versatile for various communication needs.

What is the battery life and charging time for the Yealink UH37 headset?

As it’s a wired headset, battery life isn’t a concern. However, this also means there’s no need to worry about charging. It’s always ready for use without the hassle of monitoring battery levels or charging times, which is great for uninterrupted work.

Are there any notable differences between the USB and USB-C versions of the Yealink UH37?

There aren’t significant performance differences between the USB and USB-C versions. The choice largely depends on your device’s port availability. Both versions offer the same excellent sound quality and noise cancellation features. If your device supports USB-C, it might be slightly more convenient due to the universal port use.

What warranty and support options are available for the UH37 headset?

The headset comes with a solid warranty package. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 60-day free return option, and a lifetime warranty, offering great peace of mind. The customer support experience I had was responsive and helpful, addressing my concerns promptly.

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