Using the UtechSmart USB C Ethernet Multiport Adapter

As USB Type C becomes more mainstream, having a reliable and versatile multiport adapter is essential to enhance your productivity and connectivity. The UtechSmart USB C Ethernet Multiport Adapter is one such accessory that can simplify your computer needs regardless if it’s for work or personal use. With its multiple ports, including USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, USB 3.0, and SD and microSD card readers, this adapter allows you to connect to a variety of devices and peripherals with ease. What I really like about this adapter is that it’s available in multiple configurations. I have both the 6 port adapter and the 11 port adapter.

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Navigating through tasks with multiple screens is a breeze, thanks to its ability to support up to three monitors simultaneously. We found that the dock lives up to the hype, significantly boosting our work efficiency. Despite its compact size, it’s a solid all-in-one solution featuring a robust array of ports, including dual HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, and multiple USB ports for all your peripherals. The 100W PD3.0 technology is a welcomed addition for quick device charging, although it’s worth noting it doesn’t power your laptop.

UtechSmart USB C Hub

Even with heavy data transfer requirements, the hub proved its mettle. The SD/TF card slots and the speedy USB 3.0 ports made moving large files almost instantaneous; a feature that was especially appreciated during time-sensitive projects. Compatibility-wise, it’s a good fit for most laptops with a Type-C (Gen 2), Thunderbolt 3, or Thunderbolt 4 port, making it a versatile choice.

Bottom Line

This UtechSmart USB C Hub might just be what you need to elevate your productivity and streamline your setup.

Offering a multitude of ports and triple-display support wrapped up in a sleek, portable design, it allows you to connect more, do more, and charge faster.

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Overview of the UtechSmart USB C Hub

Having used the UtechSmart USB C Hub for over a year, we found it to be a versatile connector for various devices, enhancing the functionality of laptops that lack sufficient ports. It’s crafted from rolled aluminum, which strikes a fine balance between durability and portability. The hub seems to have been designed with the intention of tidying up the workspace by reducing the need for multiple cables and adapters.

The triple display capability is a standout feature, particularly useful for those of us needing extensive screen real estate to boost productivity. However, it’s important to note that while it supports dual HDMI for high-resolution displays, macOS users won’t be able to extend to three screens, which is more of a software limitation than a hardware one.

While it’s loaded with connections, the hub also makes quick data transfers possible with its USB 3.0 ports. Internet connectivity is not a concern thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet port, which can be a boon for data-heavy tasks. Safety is taken into account too, with the inclusion of a smart protection system safeguarding against power-related mishaps.

The hub is compatible with a wide range of laptops, including various Windows and Mac OS models. One area of improvement is that the hub cannot supply power to the laptop, which could be a limitation for some users.

The packaging and presentation might not be the most premium, but the hub itself works reliably from what we’ve experienced. Given its functionality and competitive price point, this hub is a sound choice for those of us in need of expanding the connection capabilities of our USB-C-equipped devices.

Triple Monitors Display Flexibility

When using the UtechSmart USB C Hub, we’ve observed how it manages to tackle one of the biggest challenges for multitaskers: expanding visual workspace effectively. This hub lets us effortlessly connect up to three external displays, providing a substantial boost in productivity. We hooked up dual HDMI monitors at a crisp 4K resolution and were pleased to see everything run smoothly, albeit at a 30Hz refresh rate.

However, when deploying triple monitors, the hub scales down the resolution to 1080p at 60Hz, which is still quite serviceable for most day-to-day tasks. We found this compromise acceptable given the trade-off of expansive screen real estate. It’s worth noting that if you’re using a macOS device, you won’t be able to extend these displays, but mirroring works just fine.

The ability to use multiple screens makes it easy to have applications open side by side, enhancing our efficiency. Overall, this hub impressively delivers on its promise of a broadened visual interface, making it ideal for anyone who thrives on a multifaceted digital workspace.

Ultra-Portable & Compact Powerful Workstation

Recently, we had the chance to work with the UtechSmart 11 in 1 Dock and it certainly lives up to its name. It’s impressively portable, and this compactness doesn’t come at the expense of power or functionality. Crafted from rolled aluminum, it’s both light enough to fit into a bag without notice and sturdy enough to handle the rigors of daily travel.

The included ports, which cover everything from HDMI to USB-C charging, address a range of needs. We particularly appreciated how the dock reduces the need for various cable adapters, streamlining our workspace significantly. With USB ports aplenty, there’s space for all essential peripherals, and the SD/TF card slot is a welcome touch for quick media transfers.

Throughout use, the dock has maintained solid performance, swiftly transferring data and charging devices efficiently thanks to the PD3.0 technology—although it’s worth noting it won’t charge a laptop. The triple display support is a standout feature, especially considering the ability to manage multiple tasks across screens effortlessly.

As a central hub for our devices, the UtechSmart dock turned a simple laptop into a comprehensive workstation without ever feeling cumbersome or overly complex. It’s not without its shortcomings, the most notable being it can’t extend displays on macOS, and the need for devices to support “Displayport Alt Mode” may not suit everyone. However, for users within its compatible range, this docking station merges productivity with portability effectively.

100W PD3.0 Technology & Smart Safety

When we plugged our mobile phone into the UtechSmart USB C Hub, we appreciated its PD3.0 (Power Delivery) Technology that effortlessly supported a 100W pass-through charging—keeping our laptop powered during intense work sessions without needing a separate power cord.

Despite its compact size, our multitasking didn’t overburden the hub. Its smart safety features impressed us; it managed to keep our device safe from over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuiting. This level of protection is reassuring, considering the variety of devices we connected to its array of ports.

It’s evident that the UtechSmart hub doesn’t just add connectivity to our setup, it does so while ensuring that our devices stay secure and optimally powered. Although the technology packed into this hub is significant, the product operates seamlessly in the background, letting us focus on our tasks without concern for our devices’ welfare.

Blazing-Fast Data Transfers & Advanced Networking

In our experience, the UtechSmart 11 in 1 Dock does an impressive job handling data transfers. With two USB 3.0 ports, we noticed transfer speeds reaching up to 5Gbps, significantly reducing the time spent moving large files – a feature that’s particularly beneficial for those of us who need to shuffle data quickly and efficiently.

Networking capabilities are also noteworthy. The dock includes a 1000M Ethernet port, which provided us with a stable and fast internet connection. This was a real game-changer when it came to activities that rely on low latency, like competitive gaming or video conferencing.

However, for users who prioritize a neat setup, the additional USB 2.0 ports might feel a bit excessive, especially if you’re not utilizing them for peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. Overall, the advanced networking and rapid data transfer features make this dock stand out, aside from a slight over-abundance of ports that might not be essential for every user.

Broad Compatibility

The UtechSmart USB C Hub’s ability to work with multiple devices is impressive.  I use it with my Dell XPS 15 laptop and the hub has performed seamlessly—no hiccups or compatibility snags. One thing we really appreciate is the dual HDMI ports, which are a godsend for multitasking. We could extend our laptop’s screen to two additional monitors without any complex setup. It’s worth noting that while the docking station boasted plug-and-play convenience, those with older USB-C devices should ensure they support video output, as this could limit the functionality of the dual display.

Though the device doesn’t explicitly list compatibility with other operating systems, its standard USB-C connection suggests it could work with other USB-C capable devices too. The hub’s versatility is its strong suit, but remember that how the hub operates may differ depending on your device’s specifications and capabilities. Overall, this little gadget proved to be a reliable bridge between our devices and the peripherals we needed to use.

Pros and Cons


Having put the UtechSmart USB C Hub through its paces, we found its ability to support triple displays quite impressive. We could enhance our multitasking by connecting up to three monitors, which significantly boosted our productivity. The compact and portable design can’t be understated either; slipping it into a bag and heading out felt effortlessly convenient.

The 100W PD3.0 fast-charging technology was another highlight. Our devices charged faster, saving us valuable time in our day-to-day usage. The hub also boasted an intelligent microchip to ensure safety from power-related incidents.

Data transfer speeds were not a concern, with USB 3.0 ports efficiently managing 5Gbps transfers — this felt like a breeze when we moved large files. Similarly, the addition of a 1000M Ethernet port was a boon for stable and speedy internet, which we especially appreciated during large downloads and online gaming.

Lastly, the wide compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS made this hub a versatile pick for various laptop users, adding to its allure as a one-size-fits-all solution.


However, our experience wasn’t without drawbacks. We noticed that the UtechSmart USB C Hub presented some instability over time when used with a monitor connected via HDMI. This could be a deal-breaker for users seeking unwavering reliability for their display connections.

Contrary to the seamless setup for most devices, if you’re a MacOS user, you might be disappointed to learn that the extended display mode isn’t supported, which limits the triple display functionality.

On receiving the product, the packaging was less than impressive; a damaged package doesn’t instill much confidence in the durability of the hub over time. It made us question the longevity of the device, wondering how long it would last under regular usage.

Lastly, the disparity between the product’s safety features and its inability to supply power to a laptop struck us as a considerable limitation. While it charges devices quickly, not being able to power the laptop itself could be inconvenient for users expecting an all-in-one charging solution.



After spending quality time with the UtechSmart USB C Hub, we’ve found that its versatility really stands out. It’s incredibly convenient to have one hub that connects our devices and display outputs. The dual HDMI and VGA options have proven handy for various monitor setups, making this hub a solid choice for those with multitasking needs at their workstation.

The abundance of ports is a welcome feature, offering connections for all our peripherals from printers to 3D printers. This hub has delivered on its promise, providing an effective docking solution at a fraction of the cost of some higher-end competitors. If you’re after a cost-effective, all-encompassing hub, this UtechSmart model is a reliable choice that has met most of our expectations for a USB C hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating through the capabilities and features of a device like the UtechSmart USB C Hub can bring up a few questions. We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries users might have and provide our insights based on hands-on experience.

What are the compatibility options for different operating systems with the UtechSmart USB C Hub?

The UtechSmart Hub is adept at supporting various operating systems. Having used it ourselves, we can confirm its seamless operation with Windows 10/11, macOS, and Chrome OS devices that have a USB Type-C (Gen 2) or Thunderbolt 3/4 ports with “Displayport Alt Mode” capabilities. It’s a relief to not fumble around with compatibility issues across different laptops.

How does the UtechSmart USB C Hub perform in terms of data transfer speed and efficacy?

In our use, this hub impressively supports data transfer speeds with USB 3.0 ports that clock in at 5Gbps. And for less urgent file transfers or peripheral connections, there are also two USB 2.0 ports. Whether it’s transferring large video files or syncing work documents, the speed is commendable and adds to a productive workflow.

Can the UtechSmart USB C Hub support triple display simultaneously, and what are the resolution limits?

Our testing corroborates the claim that this hub can indeed facilitate a triple display setup. For dual HDMI monitors, it supports up to 4K at 30Hz; for triple monitors, the resolution maxes out at 1080p at 60Hz. While it gets the job done for standard office work or multimedia consumption, it’s important to note macOS devices do not support extend mode.

What solutions are available if an HDMI port on the UtechSmart USB C Hub is not functioning?

In the rare instance that an HDMI port stopped working, we checked for common issues such as cable defects or port dirt obstruction. If the problem persists, a quick customer support query is suggested, as in our experience, they’ve been prompt and helpful.

What are the power delivery capabilities of the UtechSmart USB C Hub for charging connected devices?

Equipped with 100W PD3.0 technology, the hub can charge devices reasonably quickly. It’s important to note, however, that it cannot charge laptops. It offers a step ahead for those looking to minimize charging times for their other compatible devices, though it’s prudent to manage expectations on power delivery for high-demand devices.

How do I install drivers for the UtechSmart Docking Station, and where can I find them?

Typically, no driver installation is required for the hub when used with up-to-date operating systems— it’s a plug-and-play device. However, on the off chance that a driver is necessary, the UtechSmart official website is the go-to resource. Based on our use, when we needed additional assistance, their customer service proved to be a helpful resource.

After extended use and thorough examination, we trust that you’ll find this compilation of FAQs useful in deciding if the UtechSmart USB C Hub fits your digital lifestyle. If you encounter additional questions or specific use-case scenarios, the customer service provided by UtechSmart is a reliable resource.

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